Holistic NutritionNatural MedicineMicrogreen Burgers for Heart Health

November 26, 2019by Meg

Microgreens are packed with antioxidants supportive to heart health and are very easy to incorporate to virtually any dish. Pairing these health-promoting greens with good quality foods can decrease oxidative stress and free-radical damage. This satisfying burger recipe utilizes the Beyond Burger which is derived from plant material. Don’t let that fool you! If you like beef burgers, this can surely make you re-think your burger of choice. This burger option is void of dangerous vaccines, antibiotics, feces, and GMO’s, and loaded with protein. Just add a slice of plant-based cheese, such as Whole Food’s 365 cheddar cheese, microgreens, your other toppings of choice, and enjoy a belly-full of natural medicine.





Beyond Burger

Microgreens of choice

Plant-based cheese



Multi-grain bun



Cook Beyond Burger in heart-safe cookware until heated throughout. Add your favorite toppings and savor the flavors. 🙂




Nutritional analysis provided by CBD Continuum and SunCodes Nutrition, LLC®





Protein: 29 grams

Calcium: 194 mg

Leutin: 593

Lycopene: 4,683






Burgers with fresh vegetables, microgreens, and vegan cheese






Your body is designed to heal 🙂